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Return of Pesky Glowing Orbs

William Guy was on a ferry ride out in the middle of the ocean off North Carolina’s Outer Banks when he spotted alleged “flying orbs.”


Earthquake-spawned tsunami slams Palu, Indonesia


Earthquake-spawned tsunami slams Palu, Indonesia



Yellowstone panic: How ‘all hell broke loose as park road swallowed cars’

USGS scientist’s ‘big hazard’ eruption warning to Yellowstone volcano visitors revealed

Yellowstone volcano: How 900 ‘intense’ earthquakes left USGS nervous – ‘Not good!’

Asteroid alert: NASA tracks HUGE ‘near Earth object’ approaching Earth at 38,000mph

Asteroid alert: A NASA-tracked rock is about to fly past Earth at 19,800MPH – Will it hit?

Astronaut posts incredible rocket launch photo from International Space Station

NASA mystery: Space agency cannot explain 80% of ‘peculiar sounds’ from deep inside Mars

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