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Spygate to Leaks to Journalist’s

Barr assigns US attorney in Connecticut to look into government surveillance involving Trump campaign

Snippet:  Attorney General William Barr has appointed a U.S. attorney to examine the origins of the Russia investigation and determine if intelligence collection efforts targeting the Trump campaign were “lawful and appropriate,” a person familiar with the situation told Fox News on Monday evening.  Source

Infor:  U.S. Attorney, John H. Durham February 22, 2018,  was sworn in as the providentially appointed United States Attorney for the District of Connecticut. Source

Ex-Intelligence Analyst Charged with Leaks to Reporter

Snippet:  ALEXANDRIA, Va. — A former government intelligence analyst has been charged with leaking classified documents about military campaigns against terrorist group al-Qaeda to a reporter.


Military Prosecutors Accused of Sending Spying Software to SEAL’s Defense Team, Reporter

Snippet:  Military prosecutors in the case of a Navy SEAL charged with killing an Islamic State prisoner in Iraq in 2017 installed tracking software in emails…Source

Judge Blocks Release of Coast Guard Officer Accused of Compiling Hit List

Snippet:  A federal magistrate judge has declined to immediately release a Coast Guard lieutenant while he awaits trial on charges of stockpiling firearms and drafting a hit list of prominent Democrats and journalists….. Source

Navy Calls for Closer Fitness Test Monitoring Following Recruit Deaths

Snippet:  The Navy ordered sailors to watch fitness test participants more closely for signs of distress and allow do-overs for those having a “bad day,” following a string of deaths over the past year,…


US Bombers, Fighters Begin Patrols over Persian Gulf amid Reported Iranian Threats

Snippet:  The B-52 Stratofortress bombers that deployed to the Middle East last week to counter unspecified threats from Iran have begun patrols over the Persian Gulf, … Source

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News – Spy Gate, Dark Matter……

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USS Lincoln strike group deployed to send Iran ‘clear and unmistakable’ message, Bolton says

USS John C. Stennis carrier will arrive at new home of Norfolk this week

Patrick Shanahan says he appreciates Trump’s executive experience: ‘focused on outcomes and results’

Obama sent Palestinians $221M hours before leaving office

The dirt on soil loss from the Midwest floods

Construction begins on one of the world’s most sensitive dark matter experiments

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Pentagon declines to disclose U.S. nuclear weapons stockpile
northrop-grumman-icbm-silo-marker-bg.jpg Washington (UPI) Apr 18, 2019 – The Department of Defense denied a request to release information on the nation’s nuclear stockpile, ending a practice that started a decade ago with little explanation. The Pentagon refused to comply with an Oct. 1 request by the Federation of American Scientists to provide the number of active warheads and those dismantled through the end of Fiscal Year 2019 “After careful cons … more
China using AI to identify Uighurs across China: NYT
uyghur-uighur-man-market-minority-bg.jpg Hong Kong (AFP) April 15, 2019 – Chinese authorities are using a vast system of facial recognition technology to track its Uighur Muslim minority across the country, according to a story in the New York Times. Beijing has already attracted widespread criticism for its treatment of Uighurs in the northwest region of Xinjiang, where up to one million members of mostly Muslim Turkic-speaking minority groups are held in internm … more

China Plans to Build Base Near South Pole Outdoing US Apollo Missions
by Staff Writers
Beijing (Sputnik) Apr 29, 2019

China has been on track to play a part in the international lunar race for quite some time now, funnelling staggering budget sums into the industry to keep up with the US, which for its part has recently announced a pretentious goal of sending a manned mission back to the Moon, four decades after the Apollo missions.

China has set an ambitious goal of building a scientific research centre on the moon in “about 10 years” in the area of its South Pole, the state agency Xinhua reported citing the head of the China National Space Administration (CSNA), Zhang Kejian. Source

Equator Aircraft’s P2 Xcursion prototype​ electric amphibious aircraft has taken fully to the air for the first time in the skies over Eggemoen Technology Park in Norway.   Read more

Sandia National Laboratories (SNL) has announced that it has set up an academic research coalition to help create artificially intelligent aerospace systems to control hypersonic missiles and other complicated vehicles in challenging environments.   Read more

Scientists in Europe have made an exciting breakthrough in the effort to limit methane seeping into the atmosphere, isolating a previously unknown bacterium that appears to have a ravenous appetite for the atmospheric trace gas.​

SABRE hypersonic jet/rocket hybrid engine passes key precooler test

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