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Judiciary – Retiring Judges and Replacement Judges Senate Floor Today from the Library of Congress

David James Porter, of Pennsylvania, to be United States Circuit Judge for the Third Circuit, vice D. Michael Fisher, retired. (10/11/2018 legislative day)
Ryan Douglas Nelson, of Idaho, to be United States Circuit Judge for the Ninth Circuit, vice Norman Randy Smith, retiring. (10/11/2018 legislative day)
Richard J. Sullivan, of New York, to be United States Circuit Judge for the Second Circuit, vice Richard C. Wesley, retired. (10/11/2018 legislative day)
William M. Ray II, of Georgia, to be United States District Judge for the Northern District of Georgia, vice Harold L. Murphy, retired. (10/11/2018 legislative day)
Liles Clifton Burke, of Alabama, to be United States District Judge for the Northern District of Alabama, vice C. Lynwood Smith, retired. (10/11/2018 legislative day)
Michael Joseph Juneau, of Louisiana, to be United States District Judge for the Western District of Louisiana, vice Richard T. Haik, Sr., retired. (10/11/2018 legislative day)
Mark Saalfield Norris, Sr., of Tennessee, to be United States District Judge for the Western District of Tennessee, vice J. Daniel Breen, retired. (10/11/2018 legislative day)

All Military News AND THE “Q” ROAD







Euroquartz –  – Frequency Control Exhibit

AUSA 2018 Annual Meeting and Exposition held in Washington between 8-10 October

Key NATO Allies/Exercises 2018 pdf


ChemSAR Events 2082-1019

Exercise Trident Juncture 2018 (TRJE18)

Facts-English Exercise Trident Juncture 2018 (TRJE18

Norway is to host most of NATO’s “Trident Juncture” exercises (great update source)


The commander of U.S. naval forces in Europe on Friday urged Russian officials to come see for themselves how NATO would respond to aggression by observing the huge Trident Juncture 2018 military exercise beginning later this month.  Source

Published on Oct 1, 2018

White House October 1, 2018 – EMOTIONAL: President Trump awards the Medal of Honor to Former US Army Medic Ronald J. Shurer II for heroic action he took in 2008.

Published on Oct 4, 2018

On October 4, Vice President Mike Pence delivered a major speech on the administration’s policy towards China at Hudson Institute.

By:  Berikande Mångfald

Best President Trump 2016 Speech


Kasich “Freudian Slip”-McCain

Kavanaugh Day 1 – Tribunal/Graham


obama Russian manchuian


China News


China Prison Break

Snippet:  33-year-old Wang Lei and 39-year-old Zhang Guilin. They were being held at the Lingyuan Third Prison in northeastern Liaoning province.  Source

Meng Hongwei missing

Snippet:  Mr. Hongwei, 64, lives in Lyon with his wife and children, who have not heard from him since he left for China on September 29.  Source





SNIPPET:  L.A. County health officials said Thursday that they were working with city officials to clear trash and corral stray animals to curb the spread of the infection, which is typically associated with overcrowding and poor hygiene.  Source

Typhus-  This can occur in areas where extreme overcrowding is common and body lice can travel from one person to another.  This can happen in the animal kingdom or humankind.

Scrub Typhus

Murine Typhus

Epidemic Typhus

1998 Epidemic/Murine Typhus Case


In October 1998, a 65-year-old man came to
the Felix Houpho ̧et Boigny Hospital of Tropical
Medicine in Marseilles, France, for evaluation of
fever, nausea, vomiting, myalgias, and diarrhea.
He was a native Algerian, who lived in France
but had visited Msila, a small town in east
central Algeria, for 3 months.  Source


Headlines in the News

Data shows SF 2nd highest POP. in U.S.

ABC7 and SF homeless project

SF Feces emergency/disease/needles

Savage take on SF unhealthy side

2014 Jennifer Wong Web Developer created active “poop” map

Changes in Recommendations for Diagnosis, Disease Severity, and Treatment of C difficile Infection in the 2017 Update to the IDSA/SHEA Clinical Practice Guidelines