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Pastor Saeed Abidini Is Receiving Death Threats Because He Speaks The Truth About Islam

I Am Not Ashamed Of The Gospel Of Christ!

Pastor Saeed Abidini has received many death threats since being released from the dark prison in Iran. Iran is known for this. This is the anniversary of his release from the torturous hands of Iran. He mentions Spiritual attacks also. Remember the great evil that still rules that region, Daniel speaks of this principality and how Michael intervened so Gabriel could get to Daniel. This Prince of Persia has not diminished, this spirit and beast is growing in power.

He said earlier in the year that he was told numerous times while still in prison that if he spoke about his treatment or the evil regime they would find him no matter where he was.

Iran’s current regime is one of the largest sponsors of terror across the globe. It is one of the top 3 countries of human rights abusers along with Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. I don’t understand…

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01.12.17 Trump 1ST Press Conference

Old Manual Typewriter
Old Manual Typewriter

Author’s Commentary:  I watched President Elect Trump’s first press conference today.  Of course, just as one would expect some reporters tore into him.  He has done more than some past Presidents have done in regards to “conflicts of interests” and turned over the function/management of his personal businesses and interest to family members and put other interests into Trusts.  President Elect Trump even went as far as to have any payments from his hotels (foreign hotels too?) to be given to the American Treasury.  This was an interesting move to say the least.  Go and view the conference and listen and judge for yourself if he is doing a lot to deal conflict of interests.  Watch here