Christian Persecution Coming Full Circle Where It Began–Prophecy Unfolding

I Am Not Ashamed Of The Gospel Of Christ!

A headline on facebook caught my eye this morning and as I scrolled by it, I felt an instant “go back, look at that.” For a brief instant you see I was like so many who have scrolled past the rising persecution of Christians, until I felt the strong hand of the Holy Spirit urging me to look! It wasnt a sensational headline, it was a simple statement you see so often. It simply said : “The scope of persecution in the cradle of Christianity.” I’ve heard this description before but it never really hit home until this morning. We have come full circle of Christs words that they will HATE you because of me, and a time is coming when they will you thinking they are doing a service to God.

The cradle of civilization is where it all began and its where it will end.

The land of…

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