The People Of Iran Need Our Voice!

I Am Not Ashamed Of The Gospel Of Christ!

Iranian men and women are protesting the oppression of a regime that persecutes and kills its own people. They live under the most horrifying tyranny anyone can imagine.

They have been protesting for a week, calling for an end to this evil regime, and even with Iran cutting internet and social media disturbing images are presented. The death toll, which in reality is worse or will climb is 21, with hundreds arrested. Arrests in Iran are death sentences.

President Trump has condemned this, but we have to show our support. If your Representative is on this Foriegn Relations Committee, email or call them and demand they support the Iranian people, we can not abandon their cries again like Obama did in 2009.

Email or call all your representatives and let them know we expect them to speak!

Innocent lives are at stake. Let them know that Americans hear them and…

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