The Slippery Slope Of False Doctrine

I Am Not Ashamed Of The Gospel Of Christ!

There are many cults that have branched off from Christianity.

I use the word cult because that’s what they are. There are 2 of the largest that began in the 1800’s. They began either by visions from angels or prophet or prophetess. And grew from there. One such cult claims Jesus has closed all forgiveness and is now judging each of us as to whether we are eligible for eternal life. You cant make this stuff up. Our eternal promise given by Christ, turns out to be for only a handful who follow a false doctrine given by angels or modern prophet. It also teaches unless we are perfect as Christ was, we are lost. It teaches there is no hell, and that the Archangel Michael is Jesus. It teaches that the mark of the beast is those who worship on Sunday. Lord have mercy. In fact their whole doctrine…

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