Things About Hitler You Should Know, Before Comparing Anyone To Him: Ignorance Is Not An Excuse

I Am Not Ashamed Of The Gospel Of Christ!

My how quickly we forget. How quickly we forget the horrors of the Holocaust. How quickly history has been turned and changed. How quickly those on the left have buried the facts.

They don’t deny that Jews were killed, but the facts are so diluded and twisted so as to say Oh by the way, Hitler killed some Jews. Hitler tried to control them and he killed a few. Or Trump is Hitler.

That’s the exact way they are using this and diminishing the horrors of what happened. By comparing Trumps executive order to the Holocaust even Jews, are diminishing and forgetting the horrors of this dark time in History.

There is no way to cover each atrocity in one post. I want to talk about the actual beliefs of the man who attempted extinction, hatred and torture of the Jewish people. And there is no way to cover up…

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